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1. Namecoin developer khal introducing Namecoin Identities to the world on June 01, 2012 on Bitcointalk

Namecoin Identities Bitcointalk

2. Namecoin developer domob announcing the NameIDs project (a software implementation built on top of Namecoin Identities to be used as decentralized unified login/authenticaiton) on the Namecoin forum on June 25, 2013

Heading 1

3. Namecoin developer domob describing the NameIDs in detail on the Namecoin forum on August 01, 2013

4. Namecoin forum member user virtual_master early account of his experience with NameIDs on July 08, 2013

5. NameIDs official website from July 2013, this particular software implementation built on top of Namecoin Identities can still be used on a couple of websites

6. Namecoin blockchain is announced on the Bitcointalk forum on April 18, 2011 marking a pivotal moment for Web3 and alternate blockchain design

7. Old Namecoin blockchain infographics with detailed statistics posted on 99Bitcoin on January 02, 2018

8. An infographic about bitID on the Bitcoin blockchain posted on August 04, 2014 explaining the benefits of decentralized sign in, the principal motivation behind the development of Namecoin Identities

9. A research paper on the Namecoin blockchain by Andreas Loibl published on 01 Aug, 2014

10. Research paper "Namecoin as alternative to the domain name system" published in 2016 by Xander Lammertink and Marco Davids

11. Article "Namecoin - A DNS alternative based on Bitcoin" published on 12 May, 2011

12. Earliest Presentation References About The Namecoin Blockchain (From Archives) April 20 of 2013 March 25 of 2013 June 29 of 2011

13. OpenBazaar dev Dionysis Zindros announcing the Namecoin Identities integration with the widely known but now defunct one of the earliest e-commerce platforms using crypto as a payment method OpenBazaar on 08 Sep, 2014.


14. OpenBazaar dev Dionysis Zindros describing the Namecoin Identities integration with the platform in detail in the post "A pseudonymous trust system for a decentralized anonymous marketplace" published on 14 Aug, 2014.

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