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Before you can start trading your Namecoin Identities (id/ assets), they need to be brought over to OpenSea or LooksRare after wrapping them on Emblem Vault (EV). For a detailed explanation of how EV functions, please check out this article. If you are familiar with the Emblem Vault (EV) or wish to learn how to vault directly, skip that and continue reading here.

1. Visit here and connect MetaMask from the top right corner. If it's connected successfully, it will show your Ethereum address in the Vault Owner Address section. Click Next.

2. This will take you to the second part of the process, where you have to enter the Vault Name and Vault Description. You can get both of them from our native EV Template generator.

3. At this time, visit This is Emblem Vault (EV) template generator created by @callum. Enter the name of your asset, for instance, we are using id/pepsi here. If it's a valid asset contained in the official curated list of 7075 assets from 2012-2017, the generator will show the title, description and template picture to be used.

4. Simply copy the Title and Description from the generator and paste them on the relevant fields on the Emblem Vault (EV) page. Click Next again.

5. Now go back, Right Click, and select Save Image As on the template generator. You will need it for adding the image to your Emblem Vault (EV) in the next step.

6. Simply click Choose File and point to the image location, the Emblem Vault (EV) will upload that image to IPFS and display it as the profile picture for the asset. Click Create Vault.

7. Now the EV interface will display how the vault will look like with the title and description. The owner at this point is the null address 0x00. If you find everything accurate, click Mint Vault. Please note that COVAL is the native token of Emblem Vault (EV) and there is 15 COVAL fees on every vault being minted. You can get it from Uniswap. This is in addition to the Ethereum network fees paid for minting.

8. At this point, you need to confirm a signature and a transaction through the MetaMask interface. The vault will mint once the transaction has been confirmed on the blockchain.

9. Verify by scrolling up and checking the owner address, which should match yours. Now you click on the NMC tab and copy the address for the Namecoin part of the Emblem Vault (EV).

10. Now open Electrum NMC or Core Client and go to Manage Names tab. Find the asset that you minted this vault for and right click on it.

11. Click on Configure which will open the next tab for you to enter the address to transfer it to. This must be the vault address that you just coped from the Emblem Vault (EV) NMC address tab. Double check and make sure it's accurate!

12. Once you have checked the Namecoin vault address properly and copied it to your wallet's interface, click okay. The asset will be transferred to the Emblem Vault, it can take up to 20-30 minutes to confirm on the Namecoin blockchain and reflect on the EV interface.

13. Simply go back and view the vault on OpenSea or LooksRare by clicking the relevant link.

14. Sometimes Metadata refresh is required in order for the vault to be displayed properly. If it's still showing content loading after 30 minutes or later, click on the refresh icon on the top right corner and OpenSea will fetch the correct Metadata for your asset.

15. That's it. Happy collecting and trading. If you are unsure about any step or encounter any problem, ask on Discord.

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