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1. Text/Number Occurrences - Out of 7705 Namecoin Identity assets - 187 are pure numbers, 7397 are pure texts and there are 121 mixed numbers/texts.

2. ID Length Occurrences - Namecoin Identity assets length analysis shows that id assets with 6 characters occur the most with 851 instances, and 7 characters are the next with 800 instances. The rarest is the id assets with greater than 16 characters, of which there are 137 assets.

3. Surname Occurrence - there is an equal distribution of the id/ assets ending with the last name like the ones depicted below. For instance - id/sandraking and id/sharonsmith. The king and smith surnames occur in exactly the same frequency across all Namecoin Identity assets.

4. Name Occurrence: Id/assets starting with daniel and george occur the most with 54 instances. The rarest is patricia with 36 instances.

5. The first 10 Namecoin Identity Assets from the year 2012 with block height and exact date

6. Character Length By Year Of First Registration

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